Friday, December 24, 2010

Status Update

Here is where I am to date.  And I know its been awhile but good things are in the mix.
Both wheels are here, the rear wheel was purchased from Tree Fort Bikes in Michigan at the lowest price around, complete wheel for cheaper then other companies rims only.  Surly Large Marge rim with XT hub and skewer included.  I am loving TFB, since they are in Michigan everything makes it here very quickly at standard shipping and they have a lowest price guarantee with an option on their site which they load with web deals from other companies to make sure you are buying from they at the lowest possible price.  The front wheel is a 100mm that I had built thru Universal Cycles custom wheels builder option on their site.  Not only was it super fun to play with you have the option to pick your nipple color (which is always a plus) and spokes with over a dozen options with different colors, styles and thicknesses.  It is also a Surly Large Marge but center spun with a XT hub and included skewer.  I opted out of the 135mm/rear swap out option to save not only costs but weight.  I estimate I saved about $75 and a pound in weight.  I almost went with a Vicious Cycles Fat Sheba 80mm rim but read some really bad reviews and kept the Surly/XT theme going.
Whats not in the picture are my Avid BB7s mechanical disc brakes which I purchased via eBay from an online bike store here in Illinois for a crazy low price for 2011's, front and rears and brake levers. Slightly more $$ then the BB5's but with way better features including multiple adjustment locations without tools and drop in replace pad option.
Also what isn't in the picture is the 6'' of snow that we have on the ground.  Can not wait to get this up and running.

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  1. Nice looking build! But it seems like something is missing... :-). Cool blog, let us know if you need help with anything in the future. Alan @ Tree Fort